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Jessica Sovronsky


  • Assistant Props Master / Socrates / The Public Theater / Dir. Doug Hughes


  • Props Master / Fiddler on the Roof / “Broadway Live!” Fundraiser at Cherry Hill JCC / Dir. Ben Lipitz

  • Props Master / 2019 Summer & Fall Season / Barrington Stage Co. (*Season includes Into the Woods (Dir. Joe Calarco), and the world premiere of Fall Springs (Dir. Stephen Brackett))


  • AEA Stage Manager / Radius Festival / Berkshire Playwrights Lab

  • Props Master / 10x10 New Play Festival / Barrington Stage Co.

  • Props Master / Glass Menagerie / Barrington Stage Co. / Dir. Julie Boyd

  • Props Master / Microdramas / Williams College / student directors

  • Props Master / Beast Thing / Williams College / Dir. Misha Chowdhury

  • Production Manager & Props Master / Ann / WAM Theatre / Dir. Kristen VanGinhoven

WHY PROPS? Props is about having an open mind and a willingness to jump right in. It’s about being fearless with materials and tools, and mindful about how objects work. It’s about knowing how to take it apart so you can put it back together. It’s about having a never ending hunger to learn how to do everything, and to learn it well. It’s about having high expectations of yourself and your art. It’s about adapting to changes with grace and preparedness. It’s about creating and finding objects that seamlessly blend into the world of the production, only to be noticed by… other props people ;).

In addition to my work as Props Master at Barrington Stage Co. and Williams College, I also do freelance work. I do commissions for theatre productions, as well as for personal projects (such as upholstery and furniture work).

JOURNEY: My career in theatre began when I started directing school musicals at just 18 years old. I then continued working in Educational Theatre for over 10 years. Directing, choreographing, running stage crews, building scenery and costumes, and even doing some electrics here and there. I got my MS in Educational Theatre at CCNY while simultaneously working in technical theatre, often as a stagehand, scenic painter, or even… a props person. (I know... SHOCKING!)

My career shifted from Educational Theatre when I fell in love with Stage Management. My love of organization and my desire to be a positive diplomatic leader in every room was met. I stage managed for several years, and eventually turned Equity. I love breathing life into a live show. I love carrying the momentum from the booth, or running the show backstage as an ASM. (Which I actually prefer!)

As an inherently creative person, I found myself daydreaming about getting covered in paint and sawdust. Not having my hands on a project, to me, feels like a part of me is missing. In Educational Theatre, I was always surrounded by opportunities to solve creative problems. I decided to commit to the life I’ve always (not so) secretly wanted: to be an everything maker, and an ultimate creative problem solver, as a Props Artisan.

On a more personal note, I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I have a brilliant [ Actor / Musician / Composer / Fight Director / Nice Guy ] husband whom you can learn all about here: www.alexandersovronsky.com

ONE MORE THING: Okay, I swear, there's one last thing: organizing is my JAM. Click here to see some of my recent organization projects. If you need your life or your stuff organized, I can help with that too.




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